Content-Marketing Platforms & Tech

The CMCX special “Content Marketing Platforms & Tech” gives you an overview unrivalled in the German-speaking region of today’s most important systems and tools, which you need to work efficiently with your content. At the conference and in the workshops find out about the latest processes and trends, and at the CMCX trade fair conduct initial conversations with your future cooperation partners.

Content marketing has become so demanding that areas such as workflow organisation, content management and measuring success require technological support. Nowadays it is a question of strategically creating and distributing the best content (= content most relevant to the target group with the highest engagement rates).

12 and 13 March
offer you the perfect opportunity to gather information about the possibilities and to find out which providers you want to conduct more in-depth discussions with at Messe


CMCX conference special “Platforms and Tech”

For the first time there will be a separate themed block on content marketing platforms at the Solution Area in 2019. On the CMCX stage, let other, experienced marketers explain directly how you can use the different systems for more efficient and therefore better content marketing. The following questions, among others, will be answered:

  • Which (relevant) products are there?
  • Which is better for you: individual tools or an all-in-one solution?
  • Which tools and platforms are essential for your content strategy?
  • What is used in the successful cases?

CMCX trade fair & Solution Area: Advice and insights on site

You can get even “closer” to the content marketing tools in our trade fair area. Here, around 80 exciting companies await you for technical discussions and advice – among them many that offer platforms and technological solutions. So much pooled content marketing know-how and “discussion potential” in one place is unique in Europe

In the Solution Area within the freely accessible CMCX trade fair, around 20 providers will present innovative solutions for using your resources more efficiently: you will be given valuable insights into digital newsrooms, content management systems and workflow aids, among other things – always in combination with practical use cases.


Yes, I am looking for technical solutions to improve my content marketing!

Use the CMCX 2019 and get an overview of the different content marketing platforms, systems and tools.

Are you currently looking for technological suppliers or providers? Contact us with your requirements and we will make a selection from our Content Marketing Service Guide available to you and put you in touch with our partners.

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Most important facts

12 & 13 March 2019

Trade Fair Munich

5,000 attendees

90 exhibitors & sponsors

80 speakers in 60 slots