Tobias Seitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Westwing

Tobias Seitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Westwing, Speaker CMCX 2017 Tobias Seitz

Chief Marketing Officer, Westwing

The Chief Marketing Officer of Westwing is the best example that careers can take unexpected turns – and that this is a pretty good thing sometimes. Growing up in Bavaria traded his Lederhosen for a baskettball jersey. After travelling around the globe he started working for Munich based street-and sportswear brand KICKZ (Basektball – here we go again), before he built himself a home in the Bavarian country side where he is from – because after years of being out and about you just want to come home to a dope mountain view, right? But just the view obviously was not enough. This is where his wife and his two girls come in. He juggles family life and hobbies (Saturdays is for cycling) next to his schedule. How he does it? Like Kobe said „Every challenge and pressure is a new opportunity for me to rise.“

At Westwing he is the brainchild and the mover and shaker behind many cooperations, new exciting launches and cool ideas pushing content marketing further and further never being afraid of instantly trying new things and always trusting his gut. He loves fast cars and fast trends (he is an early adopter of Snapchat, Pokémon Go, VR, etc.). Only when it comes to his music, there he is no visionary but simply loves the good old stuff: 90s hip hop of course.

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